Open Door Repertory Company presents:
The Backstory Project

Tuesdays, October 12th to November 9th

The Backstory Project is a series of video interviews with the editors / publishers of local community newspapers, and two owners of local diners and family restaurants. 

Newspapers and diners connect people to one another.

Theater, at it's heart, is storytelling. The heart of the Backstory Project interviews is two-fold:  WHY people do what they do, and WHAT was the journey that brought them to the present.


Interviews will be posted on the Open Door website,   on Tuesdays, starting October 12th.  Click on The Backstory Project tab, and enjoy these amazing stories.  These interviews are free, but supporting donations will be gratefully accepted.


The first interview, Dan Haley part 1 (released 10-12-2021)

Dan Haley, editor of the Wednesday Journal  Oak Park River Forest and publisher of Growing Community Media, will share his story.  In it, we learn which elected official Dan calls "... a terrific, terrific lady."

The second interview, Dan Haley part 2 (released 10-19-2021)

Dan believes that Growing Community Media's story-telling model is broken.  How does he envision fixing it?